SC directs police not to harass people based on appearances

Dec 27, 2017-The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered the police not to harass any individual, particularly men, for growing long hair, or beard and wearing earrings.

The apex court said that remanding people based on their appearances is against their personal freedom. With this order the police will no longer have the right to arrest or harass or force men to cut their hair, facial hair and take off their earrings.

The order was issued in response to a writ petition filed at SC by Law Students Society member Bikalpa Rajbhandari and advocate Subhas Lamichhane demanding the apex court implement its earlier verdict.

Earlier, a joint bench of the then Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha and Justice Om Prakash Mishra had issued an order that police must not treat any individual as suspects on the basis of their appearance or attire.

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